This morning, I attended the Novell‘s Asia Pacific 7 in 7 Virtualization Tour 07 in Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur. This is a half day event.

Why 7 in 7? Because this event is organized by 7 companies; Novell, AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, and Intel. It was a interesting event organized by Novell. Sad thing is I can’t get the lucky draw…it was an Apple iPod 80GB, 🙁

While walking to my car after work, I heard a very familiar car alarm…the car alarm sound is weak. Until I reached my car, then I can confirm that the car alarm is from my car…damn, 🙁 I tried to start my car using the ignition key and it failed, 🙁 I also tried to switch on the car front light and the front light is dim, 🙁 The conclusion here is my car battery is flat…

I quickly run to my office and get my colleague’s help (Mr. Alvin Lim PH). We performed a jump start using my jumper cables. With a few try on starting my car engine, I managed to get it started…phew, I let it run for 5 minutes to have the battery charged. I turned the ignition off. Finally, I can start my car as usual using the ignition key, 😀

I would like to thank my colleague for his help…thanks bro, 🙂

I would like to grab this opportunity to remind all the car owners. Please purchase a jumper cables and put it at the back of your car. It is very useful.

Today, my colleague seek my help on NFS mounting timeout…this makes me remembered the assignment on Linux Thin Client Server (now known as Linux Terminal Server Project) assigned by my ex-Technical Manager on year 2000. I started learning Linux NFS then.

Below are the website I found during my troubleshooting: –

Linux NFS faq
Network File System (protocol) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NFS Problem Determination
NFS Error Messages