Few days ago, I was playing around with the Google Maps installed in my Nokia E61i. Apparently the version installed in my mobile phone was too old (version 1) and it required an upgrade to version 2. Well, the upgrade was successful.

Perhaps, I was surprised that after I launched the Google Maps, it showed a blue dot and the best part is the satellite view is showing where I am. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the screen shot. Later, I found out that this feature is called My Location.

Isn’t this cool? My Nokia E61i doesn’t equipped with a GPS and Google Maps My Location will tells you where approximately you are using the mobile tower you are connected to (within 1800 meters). This feature still in beta but they are constantly working to improve the accuracy and coverage. The above screen shot shows a satellite view and the below screen shot shows a map view.

Below are the Google Maps supported phones: –

  • BlackBerry devices
  • Some recent Motorola devices
  • Some recent Sony Ericsson devices
  • Many Windows Mobile devices
  • Nokia Series 60 3rd Edition devices

This is a very useful piece of software for me to perform screenshot capture on my Symbian phone. The name of this software is “Screenshot”. Screenshot is a FREE software and available for Symbian S60 and Symbian UIQ. I am using a Symbian OS S60 3rd phone. The current stable version is 2.80 for Symbian OS S60 3rd. It supports JPEG, PNG, BMP or MBM file format. This version supports Nokia 3250, N71, N73, N75, N76, N80, N91, N91 8 GB, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8 GB, E50, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E70.

The above picture shows the shortcut that you can use to capture screenshot. There are several shortcuts that are supported by Screenshot for Symbian OS (S60). The default one is “<Edit>”+”<OK>”. The “<Edit>” key is sometimes called “<Pencil>” key or “<ABC>” key. The “<OK>” key is the center of your joystick.

Source: Screenshot

Opera Mini 4 has arrived. It enables us to put a full Web on your phone on the go. It is a fast, safe and secure web browser. The new feature includes quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering. You can now sync with your phone web links with your PC web links using Opera Link with Opera Mini.

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