What a surprise!!! After I logged into DynDNS today, I get a red color box tell me a “Changes to Dynamic DNS Service”. Further reading, they are limiting each FREE account to 2 Dynamic DNS hostnames and limiting the number of domains we offer for the free services. They are so generous coming out a recommendation asking me to upgrade to DynDNS Pro to protect the current hostnames from possible deletion.

Here you go. The reason behind these changes (from DynDNS): –

  1. Having 88 free domains to choose from was overwhelming for many of our new users. By reducing this to 18 it makes it easier for people to get started.
  2. By limiting the free options to the DynDNS branded domains, it helps grow the awareness of our services. Although we are happy to offer our free services, we simply ask that you help spread the word to other people who might find our paid services helpful. We have to pay those bills somehow.
  3. Looking at the stats of our users over the past 12 years, we see that the vast majority of people only use 1 free hostname. Our support team has seen a lot of confusion caused by the five free hostnames, so when you combine that with the normal use case, it just made sense. we are allowing the 2nd hostname for those of you who need to create a WebHop to access your hostname. If you are going to need more than 1 or 2 hostnames there’s a good chance you are using us for something important. If that’s the case, we simply ask that you pay $15/yr for the DynDNS Pro upgrade, which provides a number of other benefits.
  4. If you are using our services for business critical needs, you should consider our Custom DNS service.

I guess it is time to hunt for other FREE Dynamic DNS provider. I am looking into No-IP.com and Afraid.org service. Please share with me their service if you are using it. Thank you.

I read InTech from The Star newspaper yesterday and found out this ground breaking news. Exabytes is offerring .my domain registration as low as RM18 per year to RM38 per year for .my (RM38/year), .com.my (RM28/year), .net.my (RM28/year), .org.my (RM28/year), name.my (RM18/year), .edu.my (RM38/year) and .gov.my (RM38/year).

Be sure to register one .my domain from Exabytes as this offer vaild till Mar 26, 2010 and this offer only valid for 1st NEW year registration (renewal price is NOT applicable from this offer). However, you can register more than a year to save more from Exabytes. Interested to know more, please check out domain services offered by Exabytes.

I am sure everyone is happy now because we have a 2nd choice to get an Apple iPhone in Malaysia from DiGi. This ground breaking news was announced on Mar 1, 2010 by DiGi and DiGi Apple iPhone will be launched within first half of 2010. However, there is no date given when it is available and I can’t wait to see the packages going to be offered by DiGi. Interested to know more about DiGi Apple iPhone, please follow www.digi.com.my/iphone for latest updates. Perhaps, can anyone share your experience if you have an Apple iPhone using with DiGi 3G broadband service. Looking forward on your feedback. Thank you.

Photo courtesy of Bokeh Masters Kit

Ever wanted to get a good bokeh like the above photo? PetaPixel is giving away three (3) Masters Edition of Bokeh Masters Kit as they promised since last year that each cost $35. This Masters Edition Kit is the best kit allowing you to create your own shaped bokeh disks from the same durable material. This kit includes:

  • A custom designed, Laser-cut ingenious Bokeh disk holder which allows to easily attach Bokeh disks
  • 5 classic disks: stars, hearts, happy and sad smiley and Royal Lily
  • 15 more fabulous Laser-cut Bokeh Discs including sports, animals, cool icons and more
  • 8 uncut disks that allow you to create your very own Bokeh shapes
  • A custom designed colorful disk wallet

To participate in this giveaway from PetaPixel, it is very simple. All you have to do is answer the following question below: –

What is your favorite book?

There are two ways to enter this contest and you can use both methods to double your chances:

  1. Leave your response as a comment (on this PetaPixel.com post)
  2. Tweet your answer, and include the following link to this post anywhere in the tweet: http://j.mp/ppxlbmk

As long as the link is found somewhere in your tweet, you will be entered in this giveaway.

Three (3) lucky winners will be randomly selected in Jan 13, 2010 and will be announced in PetaPixel. So, hurry up if you want to get the Masters Edition of Bokeh Masters Kit. Good luck!