Wow, looking back…I haven’t go to holiday since my honey moon and that was 5 years ago. Hmm…pretty bad right? What is going on with me? I need to free up myself. I remember in my younger days I will go for cycling in the evening with friends and even some time skate boarding. Ouch! I need to take some time off to do some sport with my family members. I have wanted to go for a wakeboarding in some lake nearby during weekend. Perhaps, I should just do it.

On the other hand, one of my friends in US had tried out 3 days Shasta Wakeboard Camp with his family members. They enjoyed it even though all of them are beginner. Perfect, the nearest place to go is in Putrajaya lake and I know there are amazing water sport activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, barefoot skiing, kneeboarding, tubing and banana boat cruzing offered in Putrajaya.

Next, is to own some wakeboards and I stumble upon a good website that provide vast wakeboard equipment information. They even have information on aftermarket wakeboards pricing and this will drastically help for beginner wakeboarders like me. Well, I will work out some budget to get some affordable binding, board and boot for the wakeboarding action. That does it all to start of wakeboarding for me. Perhaps, you can share with me what sport you like.

Just a few short years ago, I was browsing my school photo albums and I noticed a friend in the photo whereby I remembered he migrated to United States when I was a student at primary three. I totally lost contact with him since he migrated to United States and somehow I would like to get contact with him to know his where about and current status. Ouch! I know it will be very hard for me to get in touch with him.

On the other hand, my wife suggest to do a people search using online search engine that allows you to find, contact and track anyone online. At first I don’t believe her but until one fine day, I stumble upon a checking public records website that has current and most accurate records. This real time people search tool that looks nearly every corner of the Internet is very helpful that helped me to find my long lost friend in United States.

For the successful search of my long lost friend in United States, now I am able to contact him. With this checking public records website, information that can be accessed by anyone readily to use for people search is a beneficial tools to public. I am very happy and thank to my wife. Thus, if you are in the same situation as me, then start finding.

Recently, I bought a Full HD LCD TV. Without fully utilizing it I think it is a waste of effort spending the big buck. So, I ended up buying a media player and an external slim Blu-ray optical drive to watch all my 1080p video saved in the DVD-R disc. For newer 1080p video files that I am downloading, it will be saved to the media player’s hard disk. However, I do plan to backup those 1080p video files into some blank media which I like by using a CD DVD duplication equipment. This will surely prevent me from losing my favorite movies and TV series but I am not certain which CD DVD duplication equipment to buy.

Furthermore, after reading some DVD backup tips from website, I had spent the money wisely on the price tag that is affordable to me. I ended up buying a USB flash to Disc 4 target CD DVD duplicator and some 8.5GB dual layer DVD discs for the start as backup to Blu-ray disc is expensive for me as of now. I love my setup now as I can easily backup all my favorite movie files. Be sure to visit for more information on complex DVD backup tips.

Perhaps, you can share with me your backup strategy. I would love to hear from you.

IKEA 2011 Catalogue
The new IKEA 2011 Catalogue is out and available in store now. Featuring 376 pages of affordable and yet lower price products valid until July 31, 2011. If you have no time travellig to IKEA and would like to save your petrol, you have the great option to download or view the IKEA 2011 Catalogue online.

Nevertheless, IKEA had a great idea on helping our mother earth. Bring back your old copies of your catalogue for recycling during your next visit. Isn’t this great effort need to be shared with friends and families to help IKEA to lessen the use of our natural resources. Go green and help our earth by viewing this IKEA 2011 Catalogue online.

Source: IKEA Malaysia

Believe it or not…!!!

Fact 1.
Brazil won the World Cup in 1994.
Before that they had also won it in 1970.
Add these two years and you get 3964 (1994+1970 = 3964).

Fact 2.
Argentina won its last World Cup in 1986.
Before that they had also won it in 1978.
Add these two years and you get 3964 (1986+1978 = 3964).

Fact 3.
Germany won its last World Cup in 1990.
Before that they had also won it in 1974.
Add these two years and you get 3964 (1990+1974 = 3964).

Fact 4.
Brazil also won its World Cup in 2002.
Before that they had also won it in 1962.
Add these two years and you get 3964 (2002+1962 = 3964).
Conclusion = This year is 2010 & 3964 – 2010 = 1954.

So, the country that won in 1954 will win this world cup (2010+1954 = 3964).
The country that won in 1954 was Germany.

By this logic of numerology,
This World Cup will go to Germany.
Let us wait & see if this logic turns true….. 🙂

Interesting..isn’t it…???