After the bowling session, we decided to go to the Eye On Malaysia using the new SMART tunnel.


The Eye On Malaysia is 60 meters above the Lake Titiwangsa. It has 42 fully enclosed capsules equipped with air-conditioned, each holding up to 8 guests. It is an unforgettable 12 minutes ride experience.

The tickets are RM 15 for adult and RM 8 for child. But I didn’t take the ride (afraid of height). My wife can’t take the ride too (she is 32 weeks pregnant).

See Kuala Lumpur as never before…


An unique part of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebrations and the 50th year of Malaysia’s independance day (MERDEKA).

My parent-in-law came last Saturday 9 June 2007 from Bidor, Perak. Gathering sessions (all my in-laws) began on Saturday afternoon. Have lunch. Have dinner.

The next day, 10 June 2007, we went for a dim sum breakfast. We ended up having a bowling session in Bukit Jalil club after the breakfast. It has been a very long time I didn’t play bowling since my college time.

I was teased that I played like a PENGUiN during my bowling session with my “heng tai” long time ago.

Today, my colleague seek my help on NFS mounting timeout…this makes me remembered the assignment on Linux Thin Client Server (now known as Linux Terminal Server Project) assigned by my ex-Technical Manager on year 2000. I started learning Linux NFS then.

Below are the website I found during my troubleshooting: –

Linux NFS faq
Network File System (protocol) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NFS Problem Determination
NFS Error Messages

Here you go…the day to remember (3 June 2007), I attended my ex-colleague’s (Nanthakumar) wedding ceremony, 😀

This is my first experience for an Indian wedding ceremony…

My new mobile phone Nokia E61i. Thanks “Cak” for helping me to buy it, 😀 Still playing around with it…