Do Some Wakeboarding

Wow, looking back…I haven’t go to holiday since my honey moon and that was 5 years ago. Hmm…pretty bad right? What is going on with me? I need to free up myself. I remember in my younger days I will go for cycling in the evening with friends and even some time skate boarding. Ouch! I need to take some time off to do some sport with my family members. I have wanted to go for a wakeboarding in some lake nearby during weekend. Perhaps, I should just do it.

On the other hand, one of my friends in US had tried out 3 days Shasta Wakeboard Camp with his family members. They enjoyed it even though all of them are beginner. Perfect, the nearest place to go is in Putrajaya lake and I know there are amazing water sport activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, barefoot skiing, kneeboarding, tubing and banana boat cruzing offered in Putrajaya.

Next, is to own some wakeboards and I stumble upon a good website that provide vast wakeboard equipment information. They even have information on aftermarket wakeboards pricing and this will drastically help for beginner wakeboarders like me. Well, I will work out some budget to get some affordable binding, board and boot for the wakeboarding action. That does it all to start of wakeboarding for me. Perhaps, you can share with me what sport you like.