Backup Favorite Video Files to DVD

Recently, I bought a Full HD LCD TV. Without fully utilizing it I think it is a waste of effort spending the big buck. So, I ended up buying a media player and an external slim Blu-ray optical drive to watch all my 1080p video saved in the DVD-R disc. For newer 1080p video files that I am downloading, it will be saved to the media player’s hard disk. However, I do plan to backup those 1080p video files into some blank media which I like by using a CD DVD duplication equipment. This will surely prevent me from losing my favorite movies and TV series but I am not certain which CD DVD duplication equipment to buy.

Furthermore, after reading some DVD backup tips from website, I had spent the money wisely on the price tag that is affordable to me. I ended up buying a USB flash to Disc 4 target CD DVD duplicator and some 8.5GB dual layer DVD discs for the start as backup to Blu-ray disc is expensive for me as of now. I love my setup now as I can easily backup all my favorite movie files. Be sure to visit for more information on complex DVD backup tips.

Perhaps, you can share with me your backup strategy. I would love to hear from you.