URL Shortener Goo.gl is a Go

Yet another URL shortener, Goo.gl a product from Google. Google promises that the shortener is the “stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.”

If you had signed into your Google account, you can see a list of URL shortener you created. You will be able to see detail to any URL shortener created with public, real-time analytics data including traffic over time, top referrers, and visitor profiles.

Simply to add, by adding a “.qr” to the end of any goo.gl URL shortener generated will create a QR code for mobile use. You can scan the QR code and it will take you to the destination URL. Very useful in Android devices.

As the result, I find Goo.gl is a great competitor to McAf.ee as both are focusing to protect malware, phishing and spam. That being said, choose your favorite service within your like and do tell me your favorite URL shortener.