Exabytes Offer Craziest Price for Dot MY Domains

I read InTech from The Star newspaper yesterday and found out this ground breaking news. Exabytes is offerring .my domain registration as low as RM18 per year to RM38 per year for .my (RM38/year), .com.my (RM28/year), .net.my (RM28/year), .org.my (RM28/year), name.my (RM18/year), .edu.my (RM38/year) and .gov.my (RM38/year).

Be sure to register one .my domain from Exabytes as this offer vaild till Mar 26, 2010 and this offer only valid for 1st NEW year registration (renewal price is NOT applicable from this offer). However, you can register more than a year to save more from Exabytes. Interested to know more, please check out domain services offered by Exabytes.