Moved My Blog to Clustered Cloud Hosting from

…hmm, my blog had been hosted with ServerFreak for 1 year plus if I remember correctly. Til yesterday, I have not faced any single downtime from ServerFreak and I can say that I am getting 100% uptime from ServerFreak which is phenomenal service to me. Been looking around for other hosting provider to try out the service. If you ask me why not host my blog in VPS, I can tell you that I have a VPS and the uptime is as good as ServerFreak but the VPS is not from ServerFreak. Finally, I decided to choose to host my blog in a Clustered Cloud Hosting from

Indeed, I am looking forward to purchase a web hosting service from, the Clustered Cloud Hosting. Then, I quickly contact the sales to signup the service and I found out that signing up a service with is by invitation only. However, this doesn’t stop me. I emailed and I got a replied from Kaumil Patel, the co-founder who offered me two accounts with a 30-days trial service with and these two accounts goes to and respectively.

Please note that if you did see my blog on maintenance mode 11 hours ago, that might be the DNS propagation has not been completely propagated. Please be patient if you still facing the DNS propagation issue because it usually takes minimum 24 hours. At last, my blog is hosted in a Clustered Cloud Hosting from as you are reading this post.