VMware Server 2.0 Released

Your wait for VMware Server 2.0 is now over. Get yourself a free virtualization VMware Server 2.0 for Linux and Window Servers copy today. VMware Server 2.0 is better than ever equips with a stable, easy-to-use and hosted virtualization platform.

The new features offer in VMware Server 2.0 increased performance and stability. The benefits you can get from VMware Server 2.0 are:

* A broader range of guest operating system support.
* Direct access to virtual machine consoles.
* Intuitive Web-based management interface.
* More memory for greater scalability, from 3.6 GB to 8.0 GB of RAM per virtual machine.

With VMware Server 2.0, you are easily enable to evaluate software in a ready-to-run virtual machines without installation or configuration and you have the benefit to consolidates multiple physical servers and reduces the cost of server provisioning. Download now.

Source: VMware Server