WingLoon Dot Com First Blog Contest

WingLoon Dot Com has been around for 5 months 18 days and has a PR1 in Pagerank. It is time for me to reward my commentators. I am going to reward my blog’s #1 top commentator through “WingLoon Dot Com Top Commentator Contest” during the month of December 2007.

This contest will start on 22 December 2007 01:00:00 Malaysia Time and ends on 31 December 2007 01:00:00 Malaysia Time. The winner will be determine by the number of comments posted during the contest. The rules to qualify as an entry is to post as many comments in my blog and must have one comment posted for each of my post below: –

* FoxClocks extension for Mozilla Firefox
* My Linksys with DD-WRT
* ScrapBlog

The winner will get a FREE ScratchBack Top Spot link in Rajawang’s blog.