Download Torrent while you at work with Deluge WebUI

Do you want to download BitTorrent while you stuck at work? Would it be really nice if you could access your computer at home through your web browser to download BitTorrent from your office. This is simple. I am going to share this to you. You will need to install a Linux distribution on a spare computer you have. If you do not have a spare computer, don’t worry. Get VMware Server and simply install a Linux distribution as the VM guest. I am still using Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop Edition as the VM guest. Next, install the popular Deluge (a popular full-featured lightweight cross-platform BitTorrent client) in Ubuntu. You can use Deluge in your Windows PC but I would recommend you to use Deluge in Linux. The major changes for 0.5.6 version includes Web User Interface plugin which I have been waiting for. With this plugin, I can now download Torrent from a web browser. That’s cool. You need to configure a port-forwarding in your router. You may need a DynDNS service if your ISP is providing you a dynamic public ip addresses.

Enable and Configure Web User Interface plugin

  1. Run Deluge, click Edit then click Plugins, check on Web User Interface.
  2. Configure the port number, password, template and button style by clicking Preferences button for this plugin.
  3. Launch your favorite web browser (e.g. Firefox). In the address bar, type the following: –
  4. http://ip_address_of_your_deluge:8112

  5. Login with your configured password and start adding Torrent to download.