My car battery flat

While walking to my car after work, I heard a very familiar car alarm…the car alarm sound is weak. Until I reached my car, then I can confirm that the car alarm is from my car…damn, 🙁 I tried to start my car using the ignition key and it failed, 🙁 I also tried to switch on the car front light and the front light is dim, 🙁 The conclusion here is my car battery is flat…

I quickly run to my office and get my colleague’s help (Mr. Alvin Lim PH). We performed a jump start using my jumper cables. With a few try on starting my car engine, I managed to get it started…phew, I let it run for 5 minutes to have the battery charged. I turned the ignition off. Finally, I can start my car as usual using the ignition key, 😀

I would like to thank my colleague for his help…thanks bro, 🙂

I would like to grab this opportunity to remind all the car owners. Please purchase a jumper cables and put it at the back of your car. It is very useful.